Kitesurfing for children

Without a doubt, we can call ourselves pioneers in teaching children. We started teaching 9-10 year olds already in 2009, when the recommended minimum student weight was 40-45kg (and ours were 30kg).

We boast about such a student from those times:

Mati once upon a time:

(he was 12 here and started swimming well)

Mati today

(2 times Polish champion)

At what age can children start learning kitesurfing?

The youngest, Baka, was less than 8 years old. 9-10 year olds come to us every day!

But we must take into account that a lot depends on the child. He/she must first want to learn, be able to concentrate and listen carefully to the instructor. Sometimes it is better to wait a year or two:)

What makes this possible?

We have acquired equipment that allows for safe and effective learning of children weighing up to 27-30kg. These are kites with a special design, thanks to which the youngest are able to control them.

Is it a sport that girls can also do?

Of course, kitesurfing is a technical sport, not a strength sport. Take a look.

The pupil’s greatest success

Kacper once upon a time:

Kacper today:

World Champion under 11 years old in 2016

Vice World Champion in 2018

Kacper had his first kitesurfing lessons with us. He lives in Asia now, so for the last few years he has been surfing mainly in the Philippines. However, we are proud that we contributed to this success many years ago :)

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