Windsurfing kursy indywidualne


incredible pleasure

Individual courses

2 hours
PLN 399

Kitefoil is becoming very popular all over the world.

It is the fastest growing variety of kitesurfing.

We have been teaching foil since 2016:)

The most interesting aspects of kitefoil:

  • You start flying as soon as a kite of the right size is in the air :)
  • 2 times more days on the water in the season!
  • forget about the big kites (unless you want to swim at 8-10 knots)
  • The silence that prevails during levitation is beautiful :)
  • an amazing angle that you can swim against the wind

Equipment 2019


Cabrinha Double Agent 2019


Cabrinha Hi-Rise recommended for this board. Very simple, ideal for learning :)

Price list and booking

In May, June and September all prices -15%!

Kitefoiling lesson (2 hours)

By booking online you will receive the wetsuit for the duration of the course FOR FREE!
No additional costs, all included!

All inclusive

  • the care of a licensed instructor
  • kitesurfing equipment from the 2020 collection
  • lifejacket
  • helmet
  • walkie-talkie communication
  • transport by pontoon to the Mewia Rewa



You must be able to surf freely in both ways to learn levitation.
First of all, a completely different balance on the board is required – on the foil we have to put much more weight on the front leg. And the biggest difference? The levitation is silent :)
Not too much. We change the technique and balance a little bit, but it doesn’t take any more effort. Kids can do it ;)
Our foil wings are 90cm high, so we need a minimum of about 130 cm.
You can in both localisations of our surfschool :) We go out 200-300m from the shore and fire! ;)
During the training, we support ourselves with a pontoon with an engine so that everyone surfing a little further from the shore can feel safe :)