The most common dilemmas before arrival:


I don’t know what level I am at

No problem. We offer individual lesson packages, tailored to your needs. The instructor will quickly find out which elements you remember well and which we need to work on. You will continue to learn in such a way as to get the most out of the course:) Remember that you can easily shorten or lengthen each package


I would like to improve one of the skills

Sign up for a two-hour session with an instructor. During the lesson, we will determine what you are practicing, and then you will devote the whole lesson to improving it:) We also do group lessons for people who kitesurf, Kite Clinic type. More info soon!


I don’t have time to come for a whole week

No problem, come when and for as long as you want, e.g. for 2-3 weekends. We are very flexible:)

Before each arrival we will call you and determine whether the weather is right. Arrivals for 2-3 days forecast from Warsaw or Katowice are what most people do- you’ll see, you’ll also like it :)

Try one of the packages:

You don’t have to be precise about the level you are at, we will adjust to you:)

Before and after the holidays
(27.04-21.06 i 1.09-30.09)

Private lesson 2 people
Pakiet 2h 404zł 287zł / os
Pakiet 4h 764zł 539zł / os
Pakiet 8h 1439zł 1099zł / os
Pakiet 12h 2070zł 1349zł / os

Private lesson 2 people
Pakiet 2h 449zł 319zł / os
Pakiet 4h 849zł 599zł / os
Pakiet 8h 1599zł 1099zł / os
Pakiet 12h 2299zł 1499zł / os
The first lesson if the weather conditions allow it takes 2 hours.
We recommend max 2 lessons of 2h per day. It’s effective :)

All inclusive

  • the care of a licensed instructor
  • kitesurfing equipment from the 2020 collection
  • lifejacket
  • helmet
  • walkie-talkie communication
  • IKO card
  • transport by pontoon to the Mewia Rewa


Logo IKO
IKO card confirms your skills. You will receive it free of charge after completing the course.

I can kitesurf, but I lack confidence?

Choose a short, 2-4 hour lesson package with our instructor. We’ll remind you the basics of safe surfing, right of way and self-rescue. The next step will be to kitesurf on your own under the supervision of our beach boy, who will watch over your safety.


We are flexible

You can easily extend or shorten the course
You will pay only for what you have surfed or if you prefer, you will receive a voucher valid indefinitely.

We won’t settle the payment until your departure, so we can choose the best option for you


When is the best time to come?

We are open from 27 April to the end of September. There is no fully valid rule when the best wind conditions are. Before and after holidays it is usually windy, water is not crowded, and prices are 15% lower:) During holidays it is warmer, there are more people, it is more difficult to get an overnight stay, but it is still the most popular time.


I wanna improve

Doświadczeni instruktorzy

Specjalny program dla dzieci

Kite na Mewiej Rewie

Niezatłoczony akwen

Nauka z Walkie-Talkie



Sprzęt 2020

Licencje IKO, VDWS, PZKite


Where to live?

See accommodation possibilities near the Maszoperia base