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Group courses

Take a friend with you – you both get 5% discount

Group course

01.05.2020 – 03.05.2020
360 PLN for 12 hours of learning!

450 PLN with accommodation:)


Windsurfing group courses

It is a very popular form of learning how to surf, known for its effectiveness and cheerful atmosphere during classes. You can take a few friends with you or join a group of people already on site. 7 days spent on the water under the supervision of our instructors, and you can be sure windsurfing will become your new passion.

The course is taught at beginner and intermediate/advanced levels. The training is divided into two rounds – morning and afternoon, each lasting 2 hours.

During some classes, we will use a video camera, which will help us to analyse your technique together and show you your progress. On the last day, you will take part in the small race, where the best will be rewarded with prizes:) We guarantee that you will spend a great and active holiday week with us!

Beginner level course programme:

  • to learn windsurfing terms and safety rules
  • balance exercises
  • principles of board steering
  • learning how to tack (turning into the wind)*
  • learning how to gybe (turning down wind)*
  • learning to swim against the wind
  • surfing with trapeze*
  • blasting*
  • beach start*
  • basic freestyle elements (helitack, helicopter, etc.) – and many, many more :)

Intermediate/advanced course programme:

  • practicing elements of the basic course
  • Polishing gybe and tack
  • Polishing trapeze swimming
  • Water start*
  • Freestyle elements
  • and many other cool exercises :)
* one of the elements to obtain a VDWS patent. Each of you can obtain such a document after the course.

During the course we provide:

  • a licensed and experienced instructor throughout the course
  • windsurfing equipment from collection 2019: Starboard/BIC boards, Ezzy sails
  • Dakine trapeze
  • lifejacket
  • wetsuit for the duration of classes (free of charge when booking online)
By booking online you will receive the wetsuit for the course FREE OF CHARGE!


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Pricelist and booking:

The course includes:

  • 24 hours of surfing lessons (2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon) in a group of 4-8 people from Sunday to Friday
  • 4 hours of equipment hire – you can practice certain elements of the technique yourself at any time (our recommendation is to use these hours on the last day of the course – on Saturday)
By booking online you will receive the wetsuit for the duration of the course FREE OF CHARGE!


Classes usually take place in two 2-hour rounds – morning and afternoon.
Chill out, the course fee includes everything you need to learn :)
We provide a complete windsurfing kit from the best manufacturers, wetsuit (i.e. a special windsurfing outfit that helps keep you warm) and a lifejacket.
About 90% of the days in season on the peninsula blows from 1 to 4 Beaufort, which is ideal for learning. We conduct training every day. There are sometimes days when the wind is too strong or too weak for people of a certain level. However, it is often the case that such conditions do not prevail throughout the day, so we can postpone classes to another time.
Thanks to special learning boards (buoyant and covered with soft foam) learning is easy and pleasant. We guarantee that you will be standing on the board and sailing with the sail in your hands during the first lesson!:)
The course is dedicated to older youth and adults. If we create several groups in a given week, we connect you so that you have your peers in the group:)
Necessary stuff:
• swimsuit
• towel
• UV-filter cream
• sunglasses
• hat
• ID
• clothes – something warmer is also worth taking – nights on the beach can be cool:)
• family, friends and anyone you want ;)

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Doświadczeni instruktorzy

Specjalny program dla dzieci

Kite na Mewiej Rewie

Niezatłoczony akwen

Nauka z Walkie-Talkie



Sprzęt 2015

Licencje IKO, VDWS, PZKite


Student opinions

  • positive review  Bardzo fajny obóz, miła atmosfera, fajna kadra i dobre jedzenie. Polecam wszystkim którzy chcą się nauczyć pływać na kitesurfingu lub windsurfingu

    Lukasz Kubielski Avatar Lukasz Kubielski
    5 August 2019

    5 star review  Mega:)))) polecam

    Bartek Debowski Avatar Bartek Debowski
    4 July 2015
  • 5 star review  Doskonała atmosfera i świetni instruktorzy. Polecam

    Hubert Habas Avatar Hubert Habas
    7 July 2015

    positive review  Ogólnie to bardzo polecam surfpoint Bardzo dobry sprzęt i pomocni instruktorzy

    Michał Malinowski Avatar Michał Malinowski
    4 July 2019
  • 5 star review  Świetna szkoła, ludzie, atmosfera. Polecam.

    Emil Chorążewski Avatar Emil Chorążewski
    5 February 2018

    5 star review  Zawsze wam wierna, od 13 lat :)

    Madzia Deryng Avatar Madzia Deryng
    18 July 2016
  • positive review  Świetna szkoła windsurfingu z pełnym wyposażeniem, super instruktorzy, na obozach jest wesoło i panuje przyjazna atmosfera. Bardzo polecam ??

    Grzegorz Leśniewski Avatar Grzegorz Leśniewski
    3 July 2019

    5 star review  Szkoła – pełen profesjonalizm polecam wszystkim, którzy chcą zacząć zabawę z kitem ocena 5+

    Tomasz Brynczka Avatar Tomasz Brynczka
    8 July 2014
  • 5 star review  Mega fajna miejscówka. Radek dał radę wyszkolić całą grupę

    Paweł Tomaszek Avatar Paweł Tomaszek
    4 September 2015

    positive review  Bardzo polecam, super kadra i świetna atmosfera ❤️

    Ola Więch Avatar Ola Więch
    14 July 2019
  • positive review  Genialnie spędzone 2 tygodnie! Super atmosfera całego zespołu! Rewelacyjnie, że pomimo braku wiatru przy brzegu, pływaliśmy na Mewiej Rewie, gdzie warunki były o wiele lepsze. Dzięki Surf Point ustaliłam swój rekord w ślizgu na 100 m ?. Zaczynałam z marnymi umiejętnościami a teraz czuję, że latam/pływam/ślizgam się. Instruktor Konrad NAJLEPSZY!!!

    Agnieszka Zimoch Avatar Agnieszka Zimoch
    6 August 2019

    positive review  Superpozytywnie nastawieni do życia ludzie, zarażający swoją pasją! Kompetentni instruktorzy, duży wybór sprzętu dla dzieci, polecam bardzo :)

    Monika Miszczak Avatar Monika Miszczak
    29 June 2019
  • 5 star review  Osom Osom, full na maxa, full i extra!

    Rafał Turski Avatar Rafał Turski
    16 August 2017

    positive review  super camp, bardzo dużo się nauczyłem i przy okazji ciekawie spędziłem czas. Super atmosfera, bardzo polecam

    Franek Sokołowski Avatar Franek Sokołowski
    5 August 2019

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